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Advancing Gender Equity & Female Leadership


Companies succeed when being diverse and willing to establish a more inclusive environment to build a better future for women in tech 

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Grace Hopper Lab

Welcome to the Grace Hopper Lab, a pioneering research and development hub dedicated to advancing gender equality and female leadership by creating more inclusive and diverse working environments. Our mission is to ingrain inclusivity and diversity as the norm within working environments through positive change and interactions.

By bringing together individuals of diverse backgrounds, ideas, and positions, the lab drives innovation in the pursuit of gender equality in the workplace. We develop cutting-edge organizational tools, metrics, and research that empower companies to embrace change, foster diversity, and champion female leadership at every level.

Through collaboration with industry leaders, academic institutions, and NGOs, the Grace Hopper Lab generates actionable insights and tools that can be seamlessly implemented by companies of all sizes. Our work focuses on addressing the unique challenges faced by women and underrepresented groups, providing organizations with the knowledge and resources needed to create supportive, inclusive, and diverse cultures.

At the Grace Hopper Lab, we are committed to breaking down barriers, challenging the status quo, and paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse future in the corporate world. Join us in our mission to create positive change and ingrain inclusivity as the norm within working environments.

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